Maths Week 2023

Múinteoir Eimear organised Maths Week Activites for the whole school. First we played some Maths games in the halla with the Bunranganna and the Ardranganna. The aimsir was go hálainn so after the games, we went outside to do our Maths Treasure Hunt. The teams were mixed from the two classes and we had so much fun working in our groups outside. We have also had a puzzle a day to solve aswell. Some of them were tricky…..we didn’t really cheat but we definitely needed to work together to solve them! Have a look at some of the pictures and see if you can solve them!

Fraction Pizza
Making the shapes fit to creaate a pattern.
Playing games before we went amach sa chlós.
Collaborative learning……the fancy word for group work. The best way to learn!!